Ceiling Column Kit 2 Layer PermaShine® Designer Balloons

 Ceiling Column Kit 2 Layer PermaShine® Includes 8x 12" and 1x 30" Balloons


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Why choose PERMASHINE®? 

The PERMASHINE® system is revolutionizing the way we decorate and draw attention with balloons. After more than a decade of using latex balloons for showroom and other types of decorating, we grew tired of the short lifespan associated with those products.

Latex balloons become oxidized and chalky in a matter of days from air conditioning and the negative effects of the sun. The only current alternative to latex is mylar (foil) balloons. Mylar balloons have unsightly seams, often leak, fail or burst, and are susceptible to 

temperature fluctuations. Additionally, mylars can be quite expensive.

With no other options to turn to, the PERMASHINE® balloon line fit the void! PERMASHINE® balloons and components make up a 

HeliumFree ™· reusable, internally seamless and extremely durable balloon that remains shiny and new for years! The full line of available connectors and manifolds will allow you to create all of the common balloon decorating elements. PERMASHINE® is perfect for when you need long lasting balloon arrangements to shine 24/7! Non-latex plastic balloons and components are allergy-free and safe to use in hospitals or other allergy sensitive enviroments. 

Keep your event festive and customer interest directed to where you need it most with the PERMASHINE® system! Choose from 16+ colors in 12”, 13” and 30” sizes.