Window Clip Kit - DuraBalloon® Extreme Weather Balloons

 Window Clip Kit DuraBalloon® Extreme Weather Balloons

Includes 1x 18" Balloon

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 18” Black Dura
 18” Dark Blue Dura
 18” Light Blue Dura
 18” Bronze Dura
 18” Burgundy Dura
 18” Gold Dura
 18” Green Dura
 18” Dark Green Dura
 18” Grey Dura
 18” Now Leasing Dura
 18” Lime Dura
 18” Orange Dura
 18” Pink Dura
 18” Purple Dura
 18” Red Dura
 18” Sale Blue Dura
 18” Sale Red Dura
 18” Sale White Dura
 18” Sale Yellow Dura
 18” Silver Dura
 18” Smiley Dura
 18” Teal Dura
 18” Welcome Dura
 18” White Dura
 18” Yellow Dura
 18” SnowFlake Dura
 18” Blue Dura
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Why choose DuraBalloon®? 

The DuraBalloon® stakes its claim as being the World's Strongest Balloon! 

Extreme weather conditions are no challenge for the DuraBalloon® line which holds a U.S. patent as the only plastic HeliumFree balloon on the market that is molded A molded balloon has several benefits, one of them being that they are virtually impossible to deflate due to manufacturing defects as seen in other seamed balloons, and they are internally seamless. The process of molding the DuraBalloon® allows the use of UV enhanced plastics and pigments to prevent fading entirely. Is it windy where you are? DuraBalloon® is the best balloon made for wind. Do you get snow as well as hot summer heat? The proprietary DuraBalloon® plastic will expand and contract with temperature fluctuations allowing them to be much more sag-resistant than any other brand of balloon. The majority of DuraBalloon® line plastic is made in North America so you can trust that your investment will stand strong well into the future!