8267 PET CONTROL 1 QT-Cleaners-8267Q

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Pet Control Pet ControlTM
Pet Hair Release Agent
When it comes to our pets, we only want the best for them. Car rides to the park are the highlight of your pet’s day. Unfortunately, their hair is difficult to remove. That is, until now! Pet ControlTM is an anti-stat and mal-odor product specifically designed to help loosen pet-hair from clinging to the surface while mitigating that distinctive pet-smell. No more destroying fabric and grading your knuckles with a rock, Pet ControlTM will make hair leap to a microfiber towel or a vacuum! Get your pet hair problems under control with Pet ControlTM! Easy to use, just mist to surface and clean up!
Non-Caustic & Safe to use Pleasing Fresh Irish Spring scent The perfect profit center product TrinityTM Approved